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January 13, 2012

G Block (Day 5) Fri., Jan. 13 – Letter-writing and individual work

Please make sure you are using class time wisely!  When we look at how much you need to do on Tuesday, you will want to make sure you do as much as possible in class.

Tuesday – Work with the scale of the window to continue work on your window pane.  Go over the math requirements of the individual panes.  Letter-writing group will meet with Mr. Gobius.

Wednesday – Final design template due (an example of what you plan to do drawn to the proper scale with the proper math requirements) by the end of class.  Rationale group nees to begin work and share with the rest of the class.  As people finish their individual work, they will work with this group to listen and share ideas.

Friday – Rationale group finalize write-up and dhare with class.  Finish Chapter 4 sections.

After Lunar: Finish Chapter 4 sections if necessary.  Chapter 5 requirements.  Reports to Archive Keeper.  Work with Inspector Crew to make sure each individual pane meets the requirements and with the Design crew to arrange and display the window.  Complete Individual Portfolio requirements.

Your assignment:

1.  Decide what your window pane will look like.

2.  Read the math and portfolio requirements related to Chapter 4 in the rubric.

My Assingments:

1.  Find the Glass deco thingies.

2.  Get the dimensions of the windows where we will hang our panes.