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January 31, 2013

F Block Algbera 2 (Day 1) Thurs., Jan. 31 — Series and Sequences Begin (with a sub 1) :)

Today: You learned about series and sequences.  You had the chance to do a lot of work on your own with your own sequence.  You were able to describe your sequence in words, figure out the next three terms, and write the recursive and explicit formulas for the sequence.

Homework: p. 603/ 1-9 odd, 13, 17, 19, 23-26, 33, 37.

Next Class: We are going to focus on arithmetic sequences.  We did a lot with them today, so we will see what happens…  We might go ahead and start on geometric sequences.

January 31, 2013

I block Algebra 1 (Day 1) Thurs., Jan. 31 — Multiplying Negative Numbers and the Distributive Property

Today: You worked with negative numbers and multiplication.  There was a lot of collaboration today.  We need to continue to grow in how to work together.  We spent a bit of time establishing that wen we multiply numbers of the same sign, the sign of the answer is positive; and when we multiply numbers of different signs, the answer is negative.  Then we looked at how that applies to the distributive property.

Homework: Sometime between now and when I see you again on Monday, I want you to practice one or both of the following:

1.  Practice using the Distributive Property:

2.  Practice combining like terms:

Next Class: When I see you on Monday, you need tot ell me which one you chose to practice and how you did.  You also need to ask questions if there are things you do not understand.  We didn’t take the quiz today, so you will take that on Monday.

January 31, 2013

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 1) Thurs., Jan. 31 — Catching up with Polynomials

Today: Now that everyone has their homework caught up for this topic, anyway…  finish you test corrections), we were able to answer some questions and see how polynomials can be used to work with problems.  You asked good questions about the area of the moat and the perimeter of the figure.  Keep them coming.

Homework: I need for you to ALL finish your test corrections.  Apart from that, I have two choices for you this evening for homework: 1.  you can practice multiplying monomials and polynomials, or 2. you can practice finding perimeters.  Click on the link and practice until it tells you can’t do anymore.  I want to hear how it goes!

Next Class: Tell me how your practice went.  What kinds of questions did you have trouble with?  Did you get them all right?  How many did you miss?  How long were you able to practice before the site shut you down?

January 31, 2013

A Block Geoemtry (Day 1) Thurs., Feb. 1 — Game!

January 30, 2013

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 6) Wed., Jan. 30 — Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials.

Today: I got frustrated with you for not checking the website.  This is here for you to see what went on and what will go on and what you are responsible for.  You caught up a little on the work you missed.  Min Jin and Joane told you what they knew about what they learned in the last class.  Then, you had the chance to work some more.

Note: You are responsible for your missed work.

Homework: Some of you have several assignments, some of you none.  1.  p. 497/ two problems from each section 1-55. Assignment 2: p. 501/ 1 problem of each type (including only one word problem) from 1-44.  Assignment 3: Inequalities test corrections.

Next Class: We will go over any questions you have after you check the answers to your homework.  We will also spend time practicing what you have learned so far and multiply binomials.

January 30, 2013

A Block Geometry (Day 6) Wed., Jan. 30 — Parallelograms

Today: You guys made it through an amazing amount of work today!  Good job! You downloaded or found GeoGebra quickly, drew the proper diagrams (most of you), measured all that was needed, drew conclusions, and then practiced using your conclusions.  Wow!

Homework: Check your email.  Haesoo and Phil, I wrote to you about some things that need to be fixed before next class.

Next Class: We will finish the stations you started today and talk about what you need to do for homework.  Then, we will go to the game!  Quick work…Ten, play!

parallelogram diagram geogebraAfter labelling the measures of all four angles and all four sides, you were supposed to describe the following relationships: 1.  the opposite sides, 2. the opposite angles, 3. the consecutive angles, and 4. the diagonals.

January 30, 2013

H Block Geometry (Day 6) Wed., Jan. 30 — Measuring Sides and Angles and Using the Information

Today: We worked with the diagrams you had made of the parallelograms.  You were supposed to have turned in everything to me through email.  Don’t slack off, guys!  You then worked at five different stations to practice what you learned.

Homework: You will work on proving that quadrilaterals are parallelograms using the chart on p. 319.  You might need to look at the information given before the chart (pp. 316-318) to understand.  Then, you can show you understand or collect questions about p. 320/ 8-19.

Next Class: We will discuss what you were able to learn on your own and answer questions you might have.  You will practice some online problems, and you will demonstrate your understanding.  We will begin special parallelograms after that.

January 30, 2013

B Block Algebra 1 (Dau 6) Wed., Jam. 30 — Review! Chapter 3…

Today: I wanted you to have the chance to remember all that was in Chapter 3.  You worked on the Chapter 3 Test (p. 194).  For some of you, this was the first time you ave seen these topics in my class; for others, this is your chance to think back on the beginning of the chapter.

Homework: What you did not finish in class, you need to complete for homework.  Here are the problems, in case you have forgotten: p. 194/ 1-8, 10-13 (choose 2), 16, 17, 18-21 (choose 2), 22-25 (choose 1), 26-33, 34-37 (choose 2), 38-41 (choose 1), 42, 43.

Next Class: We will check your work.  Then, we will begin our lessons on CHapter 4.  We will try to learn as much as possible!  Fun times!

January 29, 2013

H Block Geometry (Day 5) Tues., Jan. 29 — Geogebra and Parallelograms

Today: You worked on figuring out how to download Geogebra and use it to explore the characteristics of parallelograms.

Homework: After measuring each side and angle, you need to determine the following relationships:

1. Opposite sdies     2.  Opposite angles     3. Consecutive angles     4. What happens when both diagonals are drawn (look at the relationships of the pieces).  Send me a screenshot of what you notice.

Next Class: We will discuss the screenshots you send me and relate them to the characteristics of parallelograms and how to prove that quadrilaterals are parallelograms.

January 29, 2013

B Block Algbra 1 (Day 5) Tues., Jan. 29 — Review and Quiz

Today: You reviewed your homework with each other and me.  You asked questions and made sure you understood (for those of you who did your homework.)  Then, you took the short quiz and checked your answers.

Homework: Your homework is to look through the review on p. 193/ 42-56, but choose the sections that match the problems you missed on the quiz.  If you did not miss any on the quiz, choose a problem from each section of the review.

Next Class: We will have a study guide for Chapter 3 and go over some special problems.  You will have a practice test for homework.