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January 30, 2012

G Block (Day 5) Mon., Jan. 30 – Come on!!


  • Everyone has finished and colored a sketch — except for Ryan, who will have it next class
  • Design Crew knows what they need to do
  • Inspection Crew has an idea of what they need to do
  • Learned how to multiply square roots
  • Found out what the rest of the project is going to look like.


  • Finish the last three worksheets of the packet

Next Class

  • Go over the three worksheets
  • Draw the designs with the Glass Deco
  • Draw the x-axis and y-axis on the designs to begin working with the proof portion of the project
  • Design Crew finishes arranging the designs for the whole picture
  • Inspection Crew gives feedback to the class
  • Quiz on triangles thus far
January 30, 2012

A Block (Day 5) Mon., Jan. 30 – Solving Equations


  • learned about reducing fractions “ahead of time” (before)
  • multiply fractions
  • Using reciprocals to solve equations: “isolate the variable”
  • Showing steps/ work
  • How to find the reciprocal


  • p.142/ 37-45

Next Class:

  • Checking solutions
  • Solving equations with more steps
  • More with reducing fractions “ahead of time”
January 30, 2012

H Block (Day 5) Mon., Jan. 30 – Get it done!

We are on our way to being done with this project!


  • went over and discussed the first worksheet
  • Determined which type of triangle it is using the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Had a JIT (Just In Time) lesson about multiplying square roots
  • Design crew had a few minutes to discuss their ideas
  • Inspection Crew had a minute to hear what their responsibilities are going to be
  • worked on individual pieces


  • Finish next three pages of worksheets.
  • Finish designs

Next Class

  • Go over next three worksheets
  • Design Crew put the pieces together
  • Inspection Crew gets time to look at designs
  • Individuals add things to their designs if necessary
  • Begin work with materials: transparencies and markers.
January 30, 2012

E Block (Day 5) Mon., Jan. 30 – Equations, Distributive Properties

We discussed inverses and equations.  We solved one-step equations.

Goal:  Be able to solve the multi-step equations.

Homework: p. 149/ Quiz #1: 1-6; p. 156/ 74-77

Next C.ass: Distributive property and solving more equations

January 30, 2012

A Block (Day 4) Fri., Jan. 20 – Rules of adding and subtracting integers

You came up with the rules today!  Lots of hard work and reading of patterns.  I hope you appreciate how much you processed today during class!

Here are the rules you came up with:

Never mind  You never sent these to me!!!!!  Shuma!!!!

Next Class

  1. Quiz using the rules of math.
  2. Solving equations using the rules of math.
January 20, 2012

G Block (Day 4) Fri., Jan. 20 – Project well on the way and Pythagorean Theorem

Rubric for Stained Glass Window Projects


  1. We went over the answers to the first worksheet (front and back).
  2. Meeting with Mr. Gobius was successful.  He asked a few questions and we were approved!  Good work, you guys!
  3. Rationale group finished editing and shared with the class.
  4. Both letter and rationale were sent to Archives.
  5. We went over the Distance Formula and other uses of the Pythagorean Theorem.
  6. Everyone got to see the fun sticky stuff we will be using to make the window.

We accomplished a lot you guys!  Good work!


  1. DO YOUR SKETCHES.  We didn’t have time to assemble them today, but we need to do that when we come back.
  2. Do the next three worksheets (“Interior Angles of a Triangle”, “Exterior and Interior Angles of a Triangle”, and the sheet that only has four questions on it)
  3. You will have quizzes on this information to make sure you are ready to prove what you need to prove for your project.

Next Class

  1. Answers to the worksheets.
  2. Quiz on how to use what we have learned for our projects.
  3. Design Crew begins arranging according to sketches.  How will they look best?  Are there ones that will look better next to others?
  4. Inspection Crew begins looking to see if all sketches meet requirements.  Offer suggestions on how to alter to meet the requirements.
  5. Begin creating designs with the Glass Deco.
January 19, 2012

H Block (Day 3) Thurs., Jan. 19 – Rationale complete — Good job! and square roots

Good work on the rationale!  I thought it sounded great!  I hope you all heard Abby’s comment about how short it was compared with hers.  A good conversation about how different purposes require different lengths!  Communicate with the public briefly — short attention spans!

Good work with square roots, too.  I didn’t see anyone with glaring problems, but I want to check when we return to see what you retain (Hint: that means a quiz! — probably on the Tuesday after we return)


  1. The first worksheet front and back (“Classifying Triangles… by Sides” and “Classifying Triangles… by Angles”)
  2. Finish your sketches Oh ye slackers who have not!

Next Class:

We forgot to talk about what we would need to work on next!… oops!

  1. Go over the first worksheet.
  2. Design Crew needs to assemble the sketches so they all need to be done.  The only ones I have turned in are Kevin, Abby, and JuSeon.  We will not have time in class bc I need to finish telling you about how to further use the Pythagorean Theorem!
  3. Further using the Pythagorean Theorem.
January 19, 2012

E Block (Day 3) Thurs., Jan. 19 – Inverses, Equations, and Reducing Fractions Ahead of Time

Ha1  The title says it all!

Inverses, equations, and simplifying fractions ahead of time!  That’s what we did today.  We looked at equations and how they require us to use the inverses to solve them (or isolate the variable)

Remember that the details are what make us sophisticated mathematicians.  That’s why you need to know the properties and details of what you are doing.  If you are going to be scholars and change your future, you have to put in the hard work.


  1. I forgot to get your worksheets today.  See if you can find those!
  2. have a great Lunar Break!
January 18, 2012

G Block (Day 2) Wed., Jan. 18 – Moving right along


  1. You must have your sketches on Friday.
  2. We will check the first worksheet of the Triangle Packet — front and back).


  1. The rationale is written! 🙂  Good work!
  2. Almost everyone has started their sketches.  (which were due today!)
  3. We talked very quickly (and briefly) about square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem.

Next class:

  1. Edit the Rationale and read to the rest of the class.
  2. Continue with chapter 4: distance formula, Pyth converse, and triangle inequality
  3. Check first worksheet in Triangle Packet
  4. Design Crew = begin assembling
  5. Inspection Crew = begin inspection requirements

Project Completion: Feb 3rd (Window hung)

Portfolio Completion: Feb 10

January 18, 2012

E Block (Day 2) Wed., Jan. 18 – Inverses

We discussed so many things.  We started solving basic equations, using properties to justify steps as we went.

We also talked about inverses — additive inverses (make it a different sign so that negatives become positive and positives become negative) and multiplicative inverses (the reciprocal).

We also reviewed how to multiply fractions.  Sana wanted me to remind you of these things:

  • When you multiply fractions you can reduce ahead of time by taking out common factors, or you can wait until the end and take out the common factors.
  • When you divide, you have to change it to multiplying by the reciprocal.


  1. Bring your worksheets to class.  I don’t have them because you were supposed to do them for homework.
  2. p.137/75-82.