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February 28, 2014

A Block Algebra 2 (Day 2) Fri., Feb. 28 — Review of Algebra Theorems and Polynomials

Today:   What a disaster.  I am so sorry!  That was not how I pictured today’s class going at all.  I should have been more careful about the example we did for the Fundamental Theorem.  Thanks for hanging in there.

Homework: Study for your test on Tuesday.  You have your review packet, and you also have the problems at the end of the chapter.  I will have the answers to the review posted outside my door on Monday, so you can come by and check your answers before Tuesday.

Next Class: We will have the first ten minutes of class for review.  Have your questions ready!  I will not work anything unless you ask me about it specifically.  I will be available on Monday and Tuesday during lunch.  Let me know if you plan on coming, so I don’t forget and leave you hanging outside my door.  Your test is on Tuesday

February 28, 2014

D Block Methods B (Day 2) Fri., Feb. 28 — Quadratics Investigation (Cont.)

Today: We continued working through the quadratics investigation.  You also got to look at your tests.

Homework: None.

Next Class: We will finish the quadratics investigation and review what you were supposed to see.

February 28, 2014

D BLock Methods B (Day 2) Fri., Feb. 28 — Quadratics Investigation

Today:   We worked to complete as much of the investigations as we could.

Homework: None.

Next Class: We will finish the investigations and begin practicing with what we know of quadratics.

February 28, 2014

E Block Geometry (Day 2) Fri., Feb. 28 — Survey and Properties of Parallelograms

Today: We worked with the idea that any quadrilateral’s angles add up to 180 degrees.  We then went into the properties of parallelograms and why they are true.  You had time to practice solving problems related to these properties.  All of that was after you did the teacher survey.  Thanks for your feedback!

Homework: p.  307/ 15-20; p. 314/ 22-37 (using the chart on p. 312 might help you keep this information straight.

Next Class: We will clear up any misconceptions from the investigations, and then we will look at how to prove that quadrilaterals are parallelograms or not.

February 28, 2014

B Block Methods B (Day 2) Feb. 28 — Survey and Investigation

Today: We did the teacher survey.  I hope you were honest!  You then took the time to answer the last questions or continue working on your investigation of quadratics.  Some were able to begin working on the assignment at the end.

Homework: Finish the investigation, if I talked to you.  Section 10.1: 21-30; Section 10.2: 1-15

Next Class: We will move forward with solving quadratics after we clean up any misunderstandings of graphing the quadratics.

February 27, 2014

C BLock Methods A (Day 1) Thurs., Feb. 27 — More Equations

Today:   We were totally derailed by having to do the survey…  I didn’t get to show you anything new at all.  😦  We went over some problems that should have been review.  The class was a little crazy, so it was difficult to get through anything really.

Homework: p. 129/ 13-27 only the second column.

Next Class: We will get back on track with solving equations.

February 27, 2014

D Block Methods B (Day 1) Thurs., Feb. 27 — Survey, Quadratic Equation Investigation, and Tests Back

Today: We did the teacher survey.  Then, you began your exploration/ investigation of quadratic equations.  At the end of class, we looked over the Polynomials Test.

Homework: None.

Next Class: We will continue investigating quadratics.

February 27, 2014

D Block Algebraic Methods B Survey

February 27, 2014

A Block Algebra 2 (Day 1) Feb. 27 — Polynomial Functions and Root Theorems

Today:   Went so fast!  We reviewed homework, did the survey, answered questions, and went over the first two theorems for this chapter.

Homework:  p. 359/ 1, 3, 7, 13-15; you also received our review packets today.  Begin studying for your test!

Next Class: We will finish the root theorems and the fundamental theorem.  These will be quick after what we went through today!  Please make sure you come see me and plan to work over the weekend!

February 26, 2014

E Block Geometry (Day 6) Wed., Feb. 26 — Parallelograms Investigation (Finished)

Today: You worked more on your investigations and completed them today.  Some of you had time to begin your next assignment.

Homework: p. 331/ 1-21…  I am doing this from memory, so look for the second section of chapter 6.

Next Class: We will move forward with parallelograms — proving that a quadrilateral is one.