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January 20, 2012

G Block (Day 4) Fri., Jan. 20 – Project well on the way and Pythagorean Theorem

Rubric for Stained Glass Window Projects


  1. We went over the answers to the first worksheet (front and back).
  2. Meeting with Mr. Gobius was successful.  He asked a few questions and we were approved!  Good work, you guys!
  3. Rationale group finished editing and shared with the class.
  4. Both letter and rationale were sent to Archives.
  5. We went over the Distance Formula and other uses of the Pythagorean Theorem.
  6. Everyone got to see the fun sticky stuff we will be using to make the window.

We accomplished a lot you guys!  Good work!


  1. DO YOUR SKETCHES.  We didn’t have time to assemble them today, but we need to do that when we come back.
  2. Do the next three worksheets (“Interior Angles of a Triangle”, “Exterior and Interior Angles of a Triangle”, and the sheet that only has four questions on it)
  3. You will have quizzes on this information to make sure you are ready to prove what you need to prove for your project.

Next Class

  1. Answers to the worksheets.
  2. Quiz on how to use what we have learned for our projects.
  3. Design Crew begins arranging according to sketches.  How will they look best?  Are there ones that will look better next to others?
  4. Inspection Crew begins looking to see if all sketches meet requirements.  Offer suggestions on how to alter to meet the requirements.
  5. Begin creating designs with the Glass Deco.