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January 12, 2012

E Block (Day 3) Wed., Jan. 12 – Fabulous Day of Test Corrections and Adding Integers

Brandon, remember what integers are?  You asked a very good question, and Sana assisted me in giving a very good answer!  🙂

I was pleased with both of you working so hard today!  Remember that if you had worked that hard yesterday (Tuesday), too, you wouldn’t have had to come in after school to finish test corrections.  I will have those marked for you by Friday.

I was also pleased to see that you both seem to have a firm grasp on adding integers.  Good work!

Our next topics will be working with operations with fractions.  I want to show you some of the more advanced stuff.  I think you will find it fascinating!  🙂


1. Finish the front side only of that worksheet I gave you!