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October 31, 2012

A Block Geometry (Day 2) Wed., Oct. 31 — Perpendicular Lines

Today: You listened while I lost it over the number of people who were tardy, without their homework, ad without their books!  Ridiculous!  I am sorry for the way in which it was conveyed, bu I’m still upset that the majority of you are not making time for this class’s practice!  You watched and copied (and participated?) while we proved two theorems in-depth and two theorems in really fast flow proofs.  All of them related to right angles and/ or perpendicular lines or rays.  Watch your symbols.

Homework: You get another chance to choose what your priorities are!  p. 117/ 9-15, 17-25 odd.

Next Class: Yo will be able to ask questions about the concepts from these three sections that you have questions about.  We will take a quiz on the first three sections.

October 31, 2012

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 2) Wed., Oct. 31 — Wrod Problems

Today: We spent a lot of the class doing the problems that you were supposed to do for homework.  You should always have at least something done!  There are only fie of you!  One person without homework means 1/5 of the class has not done homework!  Props to Danya for having her work today, and to MinJin for having some problems attempted.

You worked on noticing the patterns of word problems, pulling out the important information that is given in the problem.  From there you can usually see one number that is given as a total or a fact compared to another number.  Use those significant numbers to to set up your inequalities.

Homework: I hope you try harder with these problems!  You have three word problems on a worksheet.  Pull out the important information and figure out what the question is asking about.  Follow the directions in the problems.

Next Class:  You will take a quiz on pulling out important information from word problems and check your work from the last class.

October 31, 2012

B block Algebra 1 (Day 2) Tues., Oct. 31 — Zero and Negative exponents

Today: You heard the rules related to zero as an exponent and negative exponents one more time.  You also worked several examples using both zero and negatives.  In addition, you learned about the steps to answering questions that require you to evaluate expressions with negative exponents.  At  the end of class, we were talking about how bugs (specifically aphids) multiply using exponents.

Homework: p. 433/ 13-41 odd, 47-59 odd, 65-71 odd.

Next Class: You will see more challenging word problems and begin your study of scientific notation.  If there is time, youwill begin learning the rules of multiplying like bases.

October 31, 2012

H Block Geometry (Day 2) Wed., Oct. 31 — Line Relationships

Today: We went over the different line relationships: intersecting, perpendicular, parallel, and skew.  We also performed my lame drama — never again.  Thanks for working with me through my bad mood!

Homework: p. 110/ 9-14, 21-29; p. 123/ 9-21.

Next Class: You will learn about the perpendicular theorems and how they play into the line relationships.  Hopefully, it will be stuff that completely makes sense, and you will be bale to see how the theorems and postulates make geometry work.

October 30, 2012

F Block Algebra 2 (Day 1) Tues., Oct. 30 — Linear Systems

Today: You began work on your notes booklets for linear systems.  We worked on graphing systems of equations today.  You should have three possible answer solutions (one unique solution, infinitely many solutions, and no solution) in your notes.  You should also know which types of systems (and solutions) match to inconsistent system, dependent system, and independent system.  I announced today that this booklet will be part of the ATL Organization grade.  Bring it to class every time!

Homework: p. 120 1-9 odd, 13-33 odd, 37.

Next Class: You will see how systems are used with real0life problems.  You will also work with solving systems algebraically.  This should be a fast unit.  I can’t wait for three-dimension work!

October 30, 2012

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 1) Tues., Oct. 30 — Systems of Linear Inequalities

Today: You went around the room and answered cool questions and did cool tings like jumping jacks, while thinking about graphing systems of inequalities.  We only reviewed the basics with a classwork assignment.

Homework: p. 414/ 2, 14, 16-21.

Next Class: You will use each other and then the answers to correct your work from today’s class.  We will also work even more intensely with linear inequality word problems.  I look forward to hearing much discussion about how to graph these solutions!

October 30, 2012

A Block Geometry (Day 1) Tues., Oct. 30 — Line Relationships

Today: We went over the different line relationships: intersecting, perpendicular, parallel, and skew.  We also performed my lame drama — never again.  Except H Block tomorrow.  Anyway, I hope you were able to get some of the definitions.

Homework: p. 110/ 9-14, 21-29; p. 123/ 9-21.

Next Class: I thought today was Day 2, so I will see you tomorrow, and we will go over these things a little more calmly.  We will take another look at the perpendicular lines in section 2, and we will make sure your ready for more challenging problems with the different types of angles.

October 29, 2012

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 6) Mon., Oct. 29 — Systems of Lienar Inequalities

Today: John did a great job of teaching the process of graphing them.  We had an…  interesting problem about memorizing the dictionary and being a ball boy for bowling!  Hope you got the idea of staying below a maximum and staying above a minimum.  We will practice more tomorrow morning.

Homework: None.  Digest the information from today.  Read back through the example from class.

Next Class: We will go more hard core into working with systems of inequalities.

October 29, 2012

H Block Geometry (Day 6) Mon., Oct. 29 — Preparation for Drama and Test Review

Today: We went over the drama that you will be performing next class.  I assigned parts after giving you a few minutes to look over your tests and ask questions.  It was a limited amount of time, because Michael and Summer have not taken the test yet.  Michael will come after school on Wednesday, so you will get your scores soon after that.

Homework: None.  You read through the drama, so we will be ready when we finish going over the prerequisite knowledge.

Next Class: We will go over the types of line relationships, very quickly.  We will also discuss a few things that happen with perpendicular lines.  Hopefully, it won’t take long!  Then we will perform and participate in the drama!

October 29, 2012

B Block Algebra 1 (Day 6) Mon., Oct. 29 — Beginning Rules of Exponents: Zero and Negatives

Today: We talked about what exponents mean.  We discussed the patterns of exponents that make any number raised to the zero power equal to one and make negative exponents divide instead of multiply.  We added these things to our notes.

Homework: p. 433/ 1-12.

Next Class: We will see examples of more challenging problems with exponents and see real-life applications.  In addition, we will learn about scientific notation.  Don’t forget to bring your notes organizer.