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September 28, 2012

D Block Algebra (Day 6) Thurs., Sept. 27 — Systems, systems, more systems

Today: We continued our lessons on the word problems and finding how to organize the information.  We only made it through setting up one system of equations.  Hopefully, it helped.

Homework: Continue working with the systems.  Set up the systems for the odd problems on the back.  Keep trying to figure out what divisions they are setting up.

Next Class: We will have a quiz for you to show off what you know about setting up systems and solving using substitution.

September 27, 2012

A Block Geometry (Day 6) Thurs., Sept. 27 — Outlines

Today: We went over the outlines and filled in some necessary details.  Sorry it was so long.

Homework: p. 46/1-21.

Next Class: We will finish going through the outline: congruence, constructions, and algebra.  Then you will have an assignment to review these concepts.  We have already begun the review of the chapter

September 27, 2012

H block Geometry (Day 6) Thurs. Sept. 27 — Outlines

Today: We went over the outlines and filled in some necessary details.  Sorry it was so long.

Homework: p. 46/1-21.

Next Class: We will finish going through the outline: constructions and algebra.   We have already begun the review of the chapter  We should be bale to carry our study of segments and angles into the second chapter.

September 27, 2012

B Block Algebra (Day 6) Thurs. Sept 27 — More Function Rules

Today: I checked your examples from the last class.  Good work being conscientious and getting those in your notes.  I also checked your homework — the yellow sheet.  There seem to be some questions on dependent and independent variables, so we will review that again after Chusok.  We will check the answers to your worksheets at that time as well.  I was too excited about your making up your own patterns to worry with the homework (and i wanted to give those who were absent a chance to work through those problems).  You did a good job with your patterns.  I was pleased with how engaged you were today!

Homework: Chapter 1 Review (green sheet) only do numbers 1-17.

Next Class: Review the patterns of your classmates.  Go over the Chapter Review you will have completed for your homework.  We will also anticipate what will be learned in the rest of our basic review.

September 27, 2012

H block (Day 5) Wed., Spet 26. — Segments and Angles

Today: Mr. Gunther gave you some in-class assignments related to segments and angles: p. 31/ 17-25 odd, 26-30 even, 31-33; p. 38/ 15-19, 21-29, 40-44, 46-48.  these were supposed to be done after you completed your outline.  Hope that went well.

Homework: Finish what you did not finish form the class work and begin your review of Chapter 1.  p. 46/ 1-21.

Next Class: We will go over the problems and answer questions and begin with the review of all that we have talked about in Chapter 1.  We might also begin our work on Chapter 2.  We’ll see what 55 minutes will allow!

September 27, 2012

B block Algebra (Day 5) Wed., Sept. 26 — Function Rules

Today: You went through examples with Mrs. Gobius that related to rules, independent variables and dependent variables.  She then gave you a worksheet (yellow) that reviewed the rules and definitions.

Homework: the yellow sheet that says Reteaching 1-4 on one side and Practice 1-4 on the other side

Next Class: You will make up your own function rule and pattern.  Your classmate will try to guess what your rule is.

September 25, 2012

A Block Geometry (Day 4) Tues. Sept. 25 — Segments and Angles

Today: We went over the homework after sketching the problems related to planes and lines intersecting.  We discussed the infinity of planes and lines and how that affects our diagrams.  You began taking notes on segments and angles.

Homework: (optional) complete your outline.

Next Class: We will take the first few minutes of class to finish our outlines.  Then, we will begin the algebraic study of segments and angles, using the postulates to build our knowledge of geometry and how the system works.

September 25, 2012

D Block Algebra (Day 4) Tues., Sept. 25 — Solving systems by substitution and word problems

Today: We went over some new problems related to systems.  We did not get to discuss the word problems.  Some of you work quickly through these, and some take more time.  You were all able to check a few answers, at least.  We were able to describe what equations look like when they are easy to solve for a particular variable, and we were able to describe what we will see when the answers are “no solution” of “infinite solutions.”  Maybe we did more than I thought! 🙂

Homework: Finish the class work assignment (Side 7-2: multiples of 5 and # 18, 37, and 38.  From 7-4: merely set up the equations for the odd problems.  You may solve if you are confident in your answers.  Otherwise, let’s check your equations together.

Next Class: We will focus entirely on word problems.  If you need assistance with the solving before next class, please come see me!  We will check the equations you set up and work through the others.

September 25, 2012

B Block Algebra (Day 3) Mon., Sept. 24 — Tons of homeowrk and Patterns

Today:   I was reminded that i had said you would be with me after school if you did not finish your homework.  But you were already gone, so next time.  We went over several assignments.  Good questions were asked.  Thanks to those who participated and contributed answers.

Homework: Come prepared for class.  Optional: (This will be your homework for next class) pp. 29-31/ 1-17 odd, 25-27, 29-33 odd.

Next Class: We will sum up our work with patterns and formulas by creating our own.  We will talk about rules for functions, independent and dependent variables, and domain and range.

September 25, 2012

H Block Geometry (Day 3) Mon., Sept. 24 — Homework review and Segments and Angles

Today: We spent some time reviewing the homework assignment and answering questions.  I mentioned about being careful in your diagrams and drawings (especially of planes), making sure that you draw lines and planes in such a way that you are able to tell they will not intersect.  You began using the new outline to take notes on segments and angles.

Homework: Turn your projects in if you have not already.  You may want to go ahead and finish your outline.

Next Class: You will have time in class to finish your notes.  I will review some of the most important parts.  Then we will get into the algebra of it all.  Our work with segments and angles will begin.  We will look at the postulates that guide us in creating geometry.