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April 26, 2012

G Block (Day 1) Thurs., Apr. 26 – 30-60-90 and quiz

W went over the homework for the 30-60-9s today.  Disappointing how many of you did not do your homework!  Congrats to Vicky and Tahlia!

You also took the quiz, so you will get those back after I record them in the morning.  We need to do some more work on these sections.  No one had a perfect quiz.  So your first assignment will be review.

Then you will work on the packet I told you about today.

April 26, 2012

A Block (Day 1) Thurs., Apr. 26 – Solving for y and Slope

You worked hard to use the slope formula with the graphs and solve for y.  Use the circles!  They work.

No homework.  Work hard in class!

Next class:  You will be typing the revisions for your investigation. Email them to me.  You will also be reviewing the slope formula and solving for y.

April 26, 2012

H Block (Day 6) Wed., Apr. 25 – 45-45-90s and 30-60-90s

We are learning about special right triangles.  Today, we talked more about the 45-45-90s, and we saw all the possible ways we might see the square roots.  I think you are ready for anything now!

Your homework is p. 545/7-27 odd, 32, 33.

Next class you will review the homework, read about 30-60-90s and do some work that you can check to make sure you are correct.  You will then take a quiz on the special right triangles.

April 26, 2012

E Block (Day 6) Wed., Apr. 25 – Slope Formula

We discussed the slope formula and how to use it.  We will work slowly with this so that you understand what we are doing.  Don’t worry.  We want to be able to write equations so that we can figure out our own patterns and make our own predictions.

Your homework is to bring your journals with you so that you can use them in class on Friday.  You should have already written about the pattern we talked about with wheelchair ramp.  See the table from the class before.

Next class you will be working with the pattern before, reviewing how to solve for y with equations and working with graphs and slope.

April 24, 2012

G Block (Day 5) Tues., Apr. 24 – 30-60-90s and Do Your Homework!

I forgot that all of you should have detention for not doing your homework!  It’s been so long since you’ve had homework and haven’t done it!  You will have these comparisons in your head better if you practice using them!

We worked with 30-60-90s today.  If you had practiced with the 45-45-90s, it would be easier to keep them straight!  As it is, you will need to be careful to keep them separated!

Homework: p. 552/11-35 odd. Check your answers in the back o the book.  Know what you have questions about when you come to class!

Next Class: Quiz on the two types of special triangles and begin working with the trig ratios.  See you on Thursday!

April 24, 2012

A Block (Day 5) Tues., Apr. 24 – More work with the patterns of equations and slope

We worked a little more with solving for y (we will review this again!), and we reviewed the finding of slope.

You have no homework because I’m afraid your aunt is going to confuse you again. 🙂  We will work very hard in class so that you can do it the easiest way.

Next class we will see how the two ordered pairs you have can tell you the equation of the line!  It’ll be more magic and you will amaze yourself!

April 24, 2012

H Block (Day 5) Tues., Apr 24 – Ratios in Geometry: Special Right Triangles

We began our discovery of special right triangles.  You measured side lengths of 45-45-90s and 30-60-90s and began to match up the “magic” numbers of square root of 2 and square root of 3.  We will work more with this tomorrow.  You guys did such a good job that you are almost caught up with my other class even having missed two classes!

You will not have homework today because we are int he middle of talking about 45-45-90s.

Next class we will practice more with the square rots and operations with square roots as we solidify the relationships between sides of 45-45-90s and 30-60-90s.

April 24, 2012

E Block (Day 5) Tues., Apr. 24 – Slope

Today was a little frustrating with it being so hard to pay attention.  It was funny that you paid better attention after I told you how quickly Shuma figured everything out.

We talked about wheelchair ramps and how far they have to go out to accommodate how far they go up or down.  Remember they have to be safe going down and possible for someone to push themselves up.  We also talked about how this applies to graphs.  Remember that we can use graphs to solve problems.

Your homework is to find the formula that matches the table that was on the board when you left.  The equation should be y= something..

This was the table on the board when you left the room.

x Y
1 6
2 12
3 18
4 24
10 60
April 23, 2012

A Block (Day 4) Mon., Apr. 23 – Graphing equations and filling holes

Today we reviewed:

  • your investigation: how to connect it to an equation that will give us a line
  • the commutative property of addition and multiplication
  • solving for y

Homework:  The first ten problems on the worksheet

Next Class:  We will look at how to use different methods of graph in (a.k.a when the pattern won’t work or something else is better)

April 23, 2012

G Block (Day 4) Mon., Apr. 23 – Special Right Triangles: 45-45-90s

You guys are so great!  You totally made my morning so wonderful to wake up to!  🙂

We worked on the patterns of 45-45-90s and all that is involved with the ratios and rationalizing the denominators.  Good work!  I know louder people were saying it’s easy, but I will be after school tomorrow if you need help!  We moved rather fast.


p. 434/7-27 odd, 32, 33 (the last two are only for smart people 🙂 ha ha)

Next Class:

We will review the magic of 45-45-90s and discover more magic with 30-60-90s.  We will be practicing all we know with the special right triangles after that.

We’ll be ready for a quiz on this on Thursday.  On Friday, you will begin your work with the trigonometric ratios. (Doesn’t that sound so smart?!)