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October 31, 2011

G Block (Day 5) Mon., Oct 31 – Drama!

The Transversal Drama (click title to view it) was pretty good.  Don’t be too hard on yourselves, those of you who are Thespians.  I thought it went well for a math class drama.  Maybe we will use it to review for the test!

You were given a worksheet as you rushed out of the room.  Sorry about that.  I looked at the clock, and we had a lot of time; then we had none.

Maye these steps will help you if you are struggling with the angle types:

  1. Identify which line is the transversal.  (This will help you figure out where the interior and exterior are.)
  2. Are the angles in the interior, in the exterior, or one in each? (Interior, exterior, or corresponding will be determined.)
  3. Are they on the same side of the transversal or different sides of the transversal?  (This will decide if they are same side or alternate.)


  1. Worksheet:  Do ONLY the 3.3 side.
  2. p. 125/23-33, 36-40, 42.  (I can do 42 in two steps.  Can you?  (You might have already completed the last problems, so check to see if you did them before.)
October 31, 2011

H Block (Day 5) Mon., Oct 31 – Perpendicular Theorems Quiz

We spent a long time discussing homework!  It was great!  I like knowing that you have looked at it long and hard enough to know you don’t understand it.  I hope I didn’t rush you too much today.  I’ll see when I grade your quizzes, I guess.  Keep asking questions!  It was great!  It means you care enough about your education to make it count!!


  1. None.
  2. If you want to go ahead and do part of tomorrow’s homework, you can do p. 125/36-40, 42.  I did 42 in two steps!  Can you?  I will not be checking this tomorrow.
October 31, 2011

E Block (Day 5) Mon., October 31 – Modeling Real-life problems

We worked on cutting out the problems to analyze them one sentence at a time.  It’s all about looking for the essential information.  What sentences do you need to pay attention to?  The ones that have essential information.

We will finish working on the problems we had started on.  I enjoy it when you guys get more in to it!  Keep the energy going — not just to get it done, but to understand it and be able to do it again later.


  1. p. 41/24-32
  2. Finish the survey on the last page if you did not already.
October 30, 2011

G Block (Day 4) Fri., Oct. 28 – Quiz and Preparation for the Next Section

First of all, so sorry I did not do this at all at a reasonable time.  I wish I could say this will be the last time…

We took a quiz today.  I hope to have them graded and give them back tomorrow, but I forgot to bring them home this weekend — not my most shining moments as your math teacher this year.  Sorry again.


  1. p.  125/36-40, 42.  I did 42 in two steps…  Can you?  🙂
  2. Those of you who agreed to read parts please bring your scripts to class tomorrow!!  I’m so excited!!  This is going to be so cool if it works!
October 27, 2011

H Block (Day 3) Thurs., Oct. 27 – Perpendicular Tehorems (Part 2)

Isn’t it just exciting to know how it works?!  Haha  OK maybe not…  I hope it wasn’t too much for all of you.  Most of our focus in this class will be on how to use the theorems — not how they work, so don’t get worried if that bored you to death.

Next class we will go over the homework and then have a quiz.


  1. p. 117/ 8-17, 19-21, 23, 25-27, choose 28-30 or 31-33.
October 27, 2011

E Block (Day 3) Modeling Word Problems Survey

See if you can open this and answer the questions.  we’ll work more with this in class!  Use section 1.6 to help you!  Good luck!

October 26, 2011

G Block (Day 2) Wed., Oct. 26 – Perpendicular Theorems (Part 2)

We discussed the other two theorems today, and you had a chance to practice them!


p. 117/8-17, 19-21, 23, 25-27, choose 3: 28-30 or 31-33

October 26, 2011

E Block (Day 2) Wed., Oct 26 – Test today no Homework

October 26, 2011

H Block (Day 2) Wed., Oct 26 – Perpendicular Theorems (Part 1)

We discussed the first two theorems in section 3.2 today.  We will finish this section in the next class and have some practice.


1.  p. 120/ 36-43

October 25, 2011

G Block (Day 1) Tues., Oct. 25 – Perpendicular Line Theorems (Part 1)

So we discussed the first two theorems for vertical lines in section 3.2 today.  We proved all right angles are congruent using a flow proof (that was the boxes that we drew with the reasons underneath) and two perpendicular lines form four right angles by talking through it.  Thanks to those of you who participated in the class conversation.  I hope everyone was able to understand what was being said.

We will finish talking about the other two theorems in class tomorrow.


  1. p. 120/ 36-43
  2. Quiz on sections 3.1 and 3.2 on Friday.