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February 29, 2012

H BLock (Day 3) Wed., Feb. 29 – CPCTC








We talked about how to

  1. Prove triangles are congruent
  2. Show that all the corresponding parts are congruent, too.

Hope fully, you will be bale to answer the questions about the three problems that were on the board…  Once i figure  out how to get a photo uploaded onto the site.

February 29, 2012

E Block (Day 3) Wed., Feb 29 – Perfect tests and verbal equations

Sana took her test today, and after she remembered that a negative x means that a positive x equals the opposite of her answer, she had a perfect score!!!  Excellent job, Sana!!!

Brandon worked on verbal equations and seems to be really good at it, too!  Could be a test in his future!  🙂  Let’s hope so!  First we will have a test for him on Monday that reviews his chosen topics.  Review sheet is forthcoming.

Assignment: none!

Next Class: Fractions for Sana and more verbal equations for Brandon.

February 28, 2012

G Block (Day 2) Tues., Feb. 28 – CPCTC


So today’s topic is one of my favorite!  Great class, Ladies!  So weird without the boys!  Hopefully, they will join us next time! Thanks for hanging in there, Tahlia!  Hope I haven’t put your life in jeopardy!

We finished page 7 of the notes.  We went over the homework!  We are ready to move on, I think.


  1. Finish the book work if you did not already.  See last class
  2. Worksheet needs to be turned in if you did not already.

Next Class:

We will answer any lingering questions about homework and take up the worksheets.

We will finish the section on angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors

Proof puzzle-making!  Setting up for the stations!

February 28, 2012

E Block (Day 2) Tues., Feb. 28 – Tests and verbal equation problems

We have been working with word problems.  Sana will have a test tomorrow

Brandon will schedule his test after I grade his other.

Our next topic will be fractions.

February 28, 2012

H Block (Day 2) Tues., Feb 28 – Reviewing Trianlge Congurnce and HL

We reviewed the four congruence postulates/theorems that we had before: SAS, SSS, ASA, and AAS.

We learned about HL (which stands fro what?)


  1. We will finish going over the homework assignment from the night before — second chance for some of you
  2. Worksheet with congruence postulate practice

Next Class

  1. Go over homework.
  2. Begin notes for 5.5 and 5.6
  3. Proof puzzles if we have time.
February 27, 2012

G Block (Day 1) Mon., Feb. 27 – Right trianlges are special!

That’s what we should have gotten out of today’s class!  Right triangles are the exception to SSA.  (I can’t write it the other way online!)  Use the parts of right triangles to talk about it instead of SSA.  So HL (Hypotenuse-Leg is how we talk about it!

Homework: Assignment form last class, since no one did there homework.  Worksheet.  Come by and getone after school if you forgot!

Next Class: We will talk about angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors and make te proof puzzles for for the stations lessons!

February 27, 2012

A Block (Dy 1) Mon., Feb. 27 – Finished with One-Step Equations!

You have successfully shown me in class that you know how to do one-step equations from verbal problems!  Good work!

We will continue working with two-step equations.  Pay attention to the words “less than” they are confusing!


Complete the worksheet with equations written and solved.

Next Class:

We will check the problems you did for homework, write our own equation problems and correct the test.

February 24, 2012

H Block (Day 7) Fri., Feb 24 – Triangle Congruence Shortcuts!

You were able to experience one of the baby proofs that you will be able to do with the shortcuts!  You also explained all four shortcuts that work and explained why the two that don’t work don’t work.

You managed to eat more Twizzlers than any other class — mostly Sam.

The examples on the last page of notes will be helpful, but the actual homework assignment is the ass

HW: p. 245/ 15, 17, 18, 20, 21-27 odd, 28-31, 33, 36; p. 254/ 10-23, 27-30, 35

It looks like it’s a lot because I don’t want you to do everything.  It comes to only twenty problems.  Most of them are quick answers.  This is good practice!  Do it!

February 24, 2012

E Block (Day 6) Fri., Feb 24 – Two-Step Equations and more testing

Brandon, we will need to finish that test on Tuesday!

Sna, you did an excellent job with the equations.  We will have to have a quiz on that material soon.  Maybe that will help you be ready for your test, too?  You did such a good job writing the two-step equations!  I’m so proud of you!


Hope both of you have a nice weekend!

February 24, 2012

G Block (Day 5) Thurs., Feb 23 – Finish the shortcuts!

We took notes on all the shortcuts today.  Your homework assignment will help you review what these look like and how to use them in proofs:

HW: p. 245/ 15, 17, 18, 20, 21-27 odd, 28-31, 33, 36; p. 254/ 10-23, 27-30, 35