Mathematical Autobiography

Regardless of what class you are in, you will have to write a Mathematical Autobiography for me sometime in the first cycle of school.

What is a mathematical autobiography?

A mathematical autobiography is the story of your math history.  You will tell me about your journey through “mathdom” from your earliest memories to present.

What should be included in the mathematical autobiography?

Your mathematical autobiography should answer the following questions (not necessarily in this order, and you can include more):

  • What are your earliest math memories?
  • What are some of the math experiences you remember through elementary school and middle school?
  • Who was the best math teacher you had, and what made them the best?
  • What are three things you like about math?  What is something about math that frustrates you?
  • How do you use math in your everyday life now?
  • How do you think you might use math in your future?
  • What is something you think would be interesting to learn about in math this year?
  • What do you look forward to in math this year?

What is required in this assignment?

Answer the above questions in a minimum of two (2) paragraphs.  It might take more.  There is no maximum, because I am a storyteller who loves to read your stories.  Tell on!

Email your response within the email or as an attachment to

When is it due?

A Block Algebra 2 — Monday, August 19

B Block Methods B — Monday, August 19

C Block Methods A — Tuesday, August 20

D Block Methods B — Monday, August 19

E Block Geometry — Monday, August 19

How will I be graded on this assignment?

Grades for this assignment:
ATL Communication: out of 3     (Did you answer all of the above questions?)
ATL Organization: out of 4     (Did you turn it in on time?  4 = early; 3 = on time; 2 = one day late; 1 = more late)


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