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August 30, 2012

Geometry A Block (Day 4) Thurs., Aug 30 — Additional Information

Today: We did some Rapid Questions and discussed what a diagnosis is.  I gave you some more info about calculators, your homework assignment and the first project coming up.  Then we talked about measuring the world and started with an inch.

Homework: Mathematical autobiography.  Click here for more information.  Also, if you have more questions for the Rapid Questions, let me know by emailing me, telling me, or leaving them as a comment on this post!

Next Class: On Monday, you will complete a diagnostic inventory, so I will know how to proceed with your class and what skills need to be emphasized as you go.  If there is time, we will begin with some of the vocabulary and language you will need for the communication part of your project.

August 30, 2012

Algebra D Block (Day 4) Thurs., Aug. 30 — A mini-review

Today: You worked a few problems related to graphs and solving equations.  You also had one problem related to inequalities.  I can’t wait to sit down and look to see what you were able to remember.  I also want to see how you went back and corrected the work you did as we discussed it.  It will reveal a lot.  Thanks for responding so well to the Rapid Questions.  Fun times!

Homework: Mathematical Autobiography.  Click here for a description of the assignment.  If you think of any questions to include in the game, include them as comments below!

Next Class: We will begin discussing how relationships can help solve problems: mathematically and otherwise.  If you have any stories of how relationships have solved problems for you, let me know!

August 30, 2012

Algebra B Block (Day 3) Wed., Aug. 29 — Introductions

Today: We spent some time getting to know the people in the class and filling out the information sheets.

Homework: Mathematical Autobiography.  Click here for a description of the assignment.

Next Class: We will review skills learned in Pre-Algebra or other math classes so I can see what we need to relearn before we begin new topics.

August 30, 2012

Geometry H Block (Day 3) Wed., Aug 29 – Introductions

It was nice to finally see you all together after our Typhoon Day.

Today: We introduced ourselves by playing “Two Truths and a Lie,” and learned a little about how class will go.

Homework: Mathematical Autobiography.  Click here for a description of the assignment.

Next Class: We will have a diagnostic inventory to let me know which skills we need to review before we get started with the geometry.

August 28, 2012

Algebra C Block (Day 1) Monday, August 27 — First Day back!

Hope your first day was great!  I enjoyed meeting you both!

I told you I would post the assignment and tell you about it later, so here is the link to the project description: Mathematical Autobiography.

We will do a diagnostic inventory next class, assuming I keep you until then!

August 28, 2012

Algebra D Block (Day 1) Monday, August 27 — First Day

Welcome back to school!

Today we got to see who is in our class and go over a few of the rules of how things will go.  Even if the class doubles, it will still be small enough to feel like family, and this is what I strive for in my classes!  I’m excited!  I hope you liked your gift bags. 🙂

Your assignment is to write your mathematical autobiographies.  Click here to see the description of the assignment and your due date.

Next class we will begin our lessons with a diagnostic inventory, so I know where to begin and what skills to review with you.

Hope you enjoyed your typhoon holiday.  Praying that all of you are safe (and your families).

August 28, 2012

Geometry – A Block (Day 1) Mon., Aug. 27 – Introductions

Hello and welcome back to school!  Today during class we learned a little about how class is going to be.  We tried to figure out two truths and a lie about each other — quite entertaining and interesting, but we can do better!

Anyway, you will be able to connect to the description of the Mathematical Autobiography here.

Next class, we will do a diagnostic to figure out where we should begin.

August 27, 2012