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December 14, 2012

B Block Algebra 1 (Day 3) Fri., Dec. 14 — Carry-On Christmas Challenge

Today: We did it!  We completed the Carry-On Christmas Challenge!  You guys did an awesome job of moving each other on.  Levi, you were a splendid motivator to get people to move through that course!  Destiny, I would hire you for security for anything!  SeHyun, Chan, Kwan Hee, and whoever else had to step in on the Overhead Bin Lift, you guys were hilarious (and you got to see some crazy things, I’m sure).  We were able to read through the whole description of what you need to do with the numbers, so I hope it’s clear.

Homework: The report from the Challenge is due Tuesday, December 18.  The directions for the report are here: Carry-On Christmas Challenge Directions.  The rubric is here:  Carry-On Christmas Challenge Task-specific Clarification

Next Class: We will continue our work with equations.

December 14, 2012

H Block Geometry (Day 3) Fri., Dec. 14 — Triangle Inequalities

Today: You let me speed through two facts about triangles that are expressed in inequalities: the sum of any two sides must be greater than the third side, and the longest side is opposite the largest angle.

Homework: The worksheet that has a section where you have to decide if three numbers can be sides of triangles, which angle is the largest, and which side is the longest.  Review for your test: Study guide for Chapter 4

Next Class: You will have a test on Chapter 4.

December 14, 2012

F Block Algebra 2 (Day 3) Fri., Dec. 14 — Investigation

Today: You had an investigation on a random topic, so that I can see how you are able to investigate topics at this point in the course.

Homework: The assignment from last class if you didn’t do it

Next Class: You will have some time to continue working on the investigation, and then we will move on with more imaginary fun! 🙂

December 13, 2012

A Block Geometry (Day 2) Thurs., Dec. 13 — Review of Pythagorean Theorem and Triangle Inequalities

Today: You had a hilarious time going over the Pythagorean theorem — except for Phil and Haesoo…  Anyway, we then went over the inequalities related to the triangles — such as the sum of two sides must be greater than the third side and the largest side is opposite the longest side.  We also know that the longest side is opposite the largest angle.  What fun!

Homework: Worksheet that was given to you as you walked out of the door…  On it you must determine if the numbers forma a triangle, which side is the longest, and which angle is the largest. Study for your test on Monday.  Come see me if you have questions: Study guide for Chapter 4

Next Class: We will have a test.

December 13, 2012

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 2) Thurs., Dec. 13 — Absolute Value Equations … Again…

Today: We spent more time with the equations because I’m worried going into these inequalities that you are still forgetting the negative side of things.  We went over the challenge problems and then redid the quiz problems.

Homework: p. 237/ 1-21 (odds that you did not do when you did the multiples of 3)…  If you did not do that assignment, it would be good practice to do all of the odd problems and check your work.

Next Class: We are moving on to absolute value inequalities no matter what.  If you need more help, you need to come after school.

December 13, 2012

B bLock Algebra 1 (Day 2) Thurs., Dec. 13 — Solving Equations with more than One Step

Today: You worked with solving equations that have more than one step.  Some had two steps and some had more than that.  We also spent some time talking about tomorrow’s Carry-On Christmas Challenge.

Homework: Read the description of what you will need to do after tomorrow’s events: Carry-On Christmas Challenge Directions; and the rubric:  Carry-On Christmas Challenge Task-specific Clarification

Bring your carry-on for the events!  Also, p. 122/ 3-18 (multiples of 3; p. 129/ 3, 6, 9.

Next Class: We will have the Carry-on Christmas Challenge!

December 13, 2012

H Block Geometry (Day 2) Thurs., Dec. 13 — Pythagorean theorem and Converse

Today: We learned about the relationships of the sides of a triangle and how they can help us determine which type of triangle it is.  We also looked at the connection between the distance formula and the Pythagorean Theorem.

Homework: p. 196/ 1-27 (multiples of 3), 37; p. 203/ 9-21 (multiples of 3), 25-29 (odd).  Check your odd answers in the back so you know which ones you have questions about.  Review Chapter 4: Study guide for Chapter 4

Next Class: We will answer any review questions you have and go over the inequalities in a triangle.  I hope these will be fairly simple.  This is the last section before your test on Tuesday.

December 12, 2012

F Block Algebra 2 (Day 1) Wed., Dec. 12 — Imaginary Numbers

Today: Wow.  That was intense.  We finished a problem from the homework in record long time.  Then, we spent some time looking at the imaginary number.  You were able to get examples for simplifying radical expressions and you were able to see the patterns used with i.  You also had a look at your assessment folders, in which were the most recent test, the assessed recent quiz, and your notes booklet with your ATL score attached.

Homework: p. 278/ 1-10.  Maybe look ahead to what we will be discussing next class?

Next Class: We will learn about complex numbers.  This is when a real number and an imaginary number are combined.  Fun stuff!

December 12, 2012

D Block Algebra 1B (Day 1) Wed., Dec. 12 — Absolute Value Equations and Intro to Inequalities

Today: I hope we cleared up any misconceptions you have about solving absolute value equations.  We worked hard on them…  or at least I did.  You guys put some problems on the board and did some in your notes.  There were many mistakes that were corrected.   At the end of class, we began talking about what the inequalities mean.  I know I went on for quite a while, but it’s my belief that if you understand the meaning, you will be more successful when it comes to working out the problems.  We’ll see.

Homework: p. 239/ 72-74.  You can look ahead to the problems with inequalities if you have a free moment.  It might help you to know what’s coming.

Next Class: You will have a quiz on solving  absolute value equations next class.  Then, we will continue with absolute value inequalities.  They’ll be fun after having learned the compound inequalities.

December 12, 2012

A Block Geometry (Day 1) Wed., Dec. 12 — Classifying Triangles using the Pythagorean Theorem

Today: You were awesome as you gave answers and showed that you are thinkers while we worked with the Pythagorean Theorem.  You were able to hear about how the distance formula relates to the theorem and how to use it to classify triangles as acute, right, or obtuse.  We went kind of fast; hopefully, you were able to see the logic behind it, and that realization will help you as you work with the information.

Homework: p. 196/ 1-27 (multiples of 3), 37; p. 203/ 9-21 (multiples of 3), 25-29 (odd).  Check your odd answers in the back so you know which ones you have questions about.

Next Class: We will go over the triangle inequalities that you need to know and review for the test.  Here is the study guide for Chapter : Study guide for Chapter 4