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April 30, 2014

E Block Geometry (Day 2) Wed., Apr. 30 — Dilation Stations

Today:   You worked at different stations with a mixture of similar figure and dilation activities:

  1. Drawing a scale figure and identifying the scale you used on the graph paper.
  2. Drawing similar figures on a grid — the guitar and the flowers.  Don’t draw the picture, draw a scale drawing.
  3. Tracing the dilation from the overhead projector.  Identify the scale factor used to create the enlargement and the reduction.
  4. calculate the amount of space blocked out by my vision impairment.  A little freaky, but interesting to try to calculate…

Homework:   None.  You might want to begin to review for the test, or you can wait until we do it as a class next class.

Next Class:   You will finish up at the stations you were working on.  We will begin our review for your test next class and go over your quizzes.

April 30, 2014

B Block Methods B (Day 2) Wed., Apr. 30 — Grpahing Rational Expressions

Today: We worked on your graphing activity for rational functions.  We worked through how to graph y = 1/x on the coordinate plane by hand and with GeoGebra.  Almost everyone finished the first page.  The handout is posted below if you would like to connect to the links included in the document.

GeoGebra Exploration of Rational Functions
GeoGebra Exploration of Rational Functions (pdf format)

Homework:   If you don’t think you can finish this activity in class  tomorrow, then you need to do some work t home.  You need to decide how much, remembering that tomorrow is a shorter class because of chapel.

Next Class:   It will be a shorter day, but I want you to finish the graphing activity in class.

April 29, 2014

D Block Methods B (Day 1) Tues., Apr. 29 — Dividing Polynomials

Today: You were supposed to already have the notes taken for the video on dividing polynomials.  But some of you lost practice time, because you were unprepared.  Nevertheless, others were able to begin the worksheet that is your practice set for this section.

Homework:   Complete the worksheet — Study Guide 12-4 Dividing Polynomials.  Watch the following videos:
Adding rational Expressions
Subtracting Rational Expressions

Next Class: We will do the practice set for adding and subtracting rational expressions.

April 29, 2014

C Block Methods A (Day 6) Tues., Apr. 29 — Proportional Practice

Today:   1.  All groups began by comparing notes and answers to the Quick Checks.
2.  Check this out!  Real-life proportions to make salad dressing!  What if I want 6 liters of the dressing?  How much of each ingredient do I need?  Salad Dressing Recipe.
3.  Begin work on your practice set.  P. 802 will help you with the conversions:
Green: Practice 5-1 (worksheet Solving Proportions)/ 1-23 odd; textbook p. 145/ 1-8, 24, 25
Blue/ Black: Practice 5-1 (worksheet Solving Proportions)/ 10-24; textbook p. 145/ 2-8 even, 24, 47, 54

Homework: Complete the practice set of your choice and watch the video on Similar Triangles (not posted yet).

Next Class:   You will have a quick check-up on the first section: Ratios and Proportions.

April 29, 2014

A Block ALgebra 2 (Day 1) Tues., Apr. 29 — Logarithms

Today:   You had some time to reflect on the last test and record some things you might need to review before the final exam.  (Congratulations for beginning to stud for your exam!)  Jihae and Paul watched the video I’ve been trying to get you to watch for weeks now: Vi Hart’s How I Feel About Logarithms.  Then, we began our study of logarithms, looking at the fact that it’s the inverse and the fancy little formula for calculating them.

I recommend the following video if you are still questioning what a logarithm actually is:  Khan Academy’s Introduction to Logarithms

Homework: p.  448/ 6-9 (optional, if you need to practice writing in the correct format), 14-25 (not optional!).

Choose a few of these problems and try to get the same correct answer on your calculator (or use the online scientific calculator:  In this way, you will learn how to put these in your calculator for the harder problems like our problem at the beginning of class.

Here’s a video I made for using this online calculator: Logarithms on Online Scientific Calculator.

Next Class: We will continue looking at some of the characteristics of logarithms and the functions.

April 28, 2014

E Block Geometry (Day 6) Mon., Apr. 28 — Similar Figures Quiz

Today: We took a quiz on what we have covered so far in this unit.

Homework: Continue catching up on notes and practice sets.

ext Class: We will go over the quizzes and prepare for our next test.  We still need to talk about midsegments and dilations.

April 28, 2014

B Block Methods B (Day 6) Mon., Apr. 28 — Dividing Polynomials Quiz and Adding nad Subtracting Rational Expressions

Today: You took a quiz on the above.  You had lots of time to catch up  on quiz corrections and other assignments that need to be completed.

Homework:   Download GeoGebra on your computer if you have not already.Continue working to catch up on notes and practice sets.

Next Class: We will begin our study of the graphs of rational expressions.

April 28, 2014

C Block Methods A (Day 6) Mon., Apr. 28 — Solving Proportions

Today: Everyone started off together in their new groups and talked about the video and the homework.  Then, you checked your answers with the Teacher’s Edition.
Green: Go to ixl to practice some with multiplying fractions.  Begin your notes by recording definitions from the text.  You may use the handout below, if you wish.
Blue/ Black: 1.  We will begin with the lesson on solving complex proportions and finding unit rates.
2.  You will take notes on Section 3-4.  You may use the outline if you wish.

Ratios and Proportions Notes 1
Ratios and Proportions Notes 1 (pdf format)

Homework:   Complete your notes.

Next Class: We will work on the practice set for Ratios and Proportions.  Bring the worksheet you were given in class.  The assignment will come from there.

April 28, 2014

D Block Methods B (Day 5) Fri., Apr. 25 — Game Day

Today:   Everyone waited patiently while I completed a task.  Then, we went to the game.

Homework: Catch up with notes and homework assignments you are missing.  See me if you are not sure if you are missing something.

Next Class:   You should have completed your notes on dividing polynomials.  We will begin the practice set for this section.

April 28, 2014

A Block Algebra 2 (Day 5) Fri., Apr. 25 — Work Day

Today:   Because we were missing so many, it seemed pointless to go on.  We worked or rested.

Homework: Catch up.  Make sure you have made up all the test you need to make up.

Next Class:   We will go over logarithms.  What fun!  What bliss!