May 23, 2014

A Block Algebra 2 (Day 1) Fri., May 23 — Operations with Rational Expressions

Today:   We did it all today!  We simplified, multiplied, divided, added, and subtracted!  You are amazing!

Homework:  p. 511/ Basic: 1-26 (choose two from each section to check your understanding)
A little more: 1-35 (you only need to choose one from the groups of three problems, like 33-35).

p. 517/ 10-21 (choose one or two problems from each section)

Next Class: We will review all of these and talk about solving rational equations.

May 23, 2014

E Block Geometry (Day 6) Thurs., May 23 — A Choice

Today: We had one more investigation to do, but some of you are bogged down with other summatives.  I understand.  So you now have a choice about how you will learn the circle stuff.  You can do a packet of worksheets and review the material on your own, or you can do an investigation about the content.  If you want me to grade the investigation, I need it by next Thursday.  If you don’t need that grade to help improve your grade, you don’t need to turn it in.

Homework:   Use your time wisely to work through some of the worksheets.  You will be able to check your answers as you complete the tasks.  If you are doing the investigation, you can turn those in on Thursday.  Or you don’t have to turn it in at all.

Next Class:   You will have Monday ad Tuesday to work on these, but you will also receive review material at this time.

May 23, 2014

B Block Methods B (Day 6) Thurs., May 22 — Solving Radical Equations

Today: We went over how to solve radical equations.

Homework:   Finish the practice set: p. 632/ 2-10 even, 16, 22, 28, 34, 40

Next Class: Review a bit more about the radicals and begin our review of the semester.

May 22, 2014

C Block Methods A (Day 6) Thurs., May 22 — Distance, Ratem and Time Equations

Today:   I really enjoyed being with you guys today!  We had some fun demonstrations that I remind you of below:
A: Ann and Noah did a demonstration of same distance but leaving at different times.  Ann caught up with him!  So these are the catch-up (or ketchup) problems.
B: Then, Aakriti and JiHyun demonstrated (in the room and in the hallway) two people leaving from the same point, but traveling at different rates: Aakriti was faster, so her rate would have been a greater number.  But they started and stopped at the same time.  We could add their distances together to find the total distance.
C: Finally, we had Lizzy making the trip from home to school and back — a round-trip.  Remember how she went home faster because Eric was chasing her? (The second time, anyway.)

Homework: You need to read over the examples in this section: Examples 3-5 in section 3.6.  Which ones match the situations e acted out?  Do the quick Checks after each example.  Do your best!  You might not understand it the first time.  Read it again!  Try  again!

Next Class:   We will see what you learned and bring it all together with some practice on the problems in this section.

May 22, 2014

D Block Methods B (Day 5) Wed., May 21 — Combining Like Radicals

Today:   We learned about adding, subtracting, distributing, and FOIL-ing (?) radical expressions.  I thought you all did an excellent job in the discussion and appreciate your attention!

Homework: Do well studying for your other exams.  Cole and Jake, you need to finish the last assignment: p. 619/ 3-48 multiples of 3.

Next Class:   We will practice with the skills listed above.

May 21, 2014

A Block Algebra 2 (Day 5) Wed., May 21 — Hm…

Today:   I checked your homework and then completely ran out of motivation to do anything else.  It was pathetic.  It was so nice to spend time together, though.  🙂

Homework:   None.

Next Class:   We’ll have to be really serious and get some work done!

May 21, 2014

E Block Geometry (Day 5) Wed., May 21 — Solving Right Triangles

Today:   We learned how to use the ratios to solve right triangles, which means find missing sides or angles.  We talked about how we can use the inverse operations to find missing angles.

Homework: Finish the worksheet.

Next Class: We will talk a little more about triangles and some about circles.

May 21, 2014

B Block Methods B (Day 5) Wed., May 21 — Radical Practice

Today: You had a worksheet that required you to use what you know about simplifying radicals, adding and subtracting radicals, and doing more complex operations on radicals.

Homework: Finish whatever you did not finish in class.

Next Class: We will solve equations with radicals.

May 21, 2014

C Block Methods A (Day 4) Tues., May 20 — Distance, Rate, and Time

Today: We talked about the relationship between distance, time, and rate.  We used the formula to calculate time and distance.  Then, we looked at how we could use the same formula to talk about work accomplished when done at a certain rat for a certain amount of time.

Homework: Write three word problems:
1. Finding the distance when you are going at whatever rate you choose for whatever time you choose.
2.  Finding the time when you are going a certain distance at whatever rate you choose.
3.  Write another problem that is about something other than traveling: like when we said that we read four books a week for five weeks (or something like that)

Next Class:   We will use your problems and build on them to create more complex problems.  It should be interesting.

May 21, 2014

A Block Methods B (Day 4) Tues., May 20 — Holes and Asymptote Review

Today:   We spent one more class talking about how to find the holes and asymptotes and the differences between the two.

Homework:   p.  505/ 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 20, 24, 26.  You might try more if you feel you need to practice it again.

Next Class:   Simplifying rational expressions