D Block Methods B (Day 1) Fri., May 23 — Practice with Simplifying Radical Expressions and Solving Radical Equations

Today:   We worked on a worksheet that required you to simply by adding, subtracting, distributing, and FOIL-ing radical expressions.  We also looked, briefly, at solving radical equations.  We looked at how some equations can have extraneous solutions, so we have to check our answers every time to make sure.

Homework: I think you did enough on the worksheet.  If you didn’t finish, you might want to do a few more on that.  Practice a few problems with the equations: p. 632/ 2-10 even, 22, 28.  You can try 43 if you really want to see if you understand what to do!  🙂

Next Class: Review a little more about equations and begin our review before the exam.


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