H Block (Day 2) August 25 – Working In-Class: Time to Reflect

You guys worked so well today!!  I’m quite pleased!  I hope you were able to complete your project to your satisfaction.  I know some of you had to simplify your ideas to be able to complete it in the given time.  Remember that you can come back after school and work until 4:15.

It’s time to reflect.  I assume all of you are going to email me your reflection.  That is due tomorrow night before midnight.  I think Sam was the one who mentioned taking pictures of his project so that he could write about it later.  (Way to go, Sam!)  And thank you, Sarah, for bringing the difficulty to light!

Good luck, you guys, and remember that this is only a summative-ish formative!  Don’t freak out if it’s not the way you want it!  Just remembre to write about it in your reflection!


  1. Reflection paper is due Friday by midnight!  Make sure you include all of the necessary information!  In case you need the link to the rubric: 3-D Model Design

One Comment to “H Block (Day 2) August 25 – Working In-Class: Time to Reflect”

  1. Bring your laptops to class next week!

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