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August 22, 2011

G Block (Day 5) Mon., Aug. 22 – Can you see the lines and planes?

You guys did a good job of drawing the diagrams in your sketches.  Remember that dotted lines are your friends.  I’m serious about practicing the diagrams so that you can pay attention to the details as you draw.   (This is where having the graphing paper notebooks would have been very helpful!  Sorry!)


  1. Read through the rubric you got at the end of class.  Someone might have already started making corrections on it, so don’t worry about putting your name on it.  It’s a rough draft!  If you see other mistakes, let me know.  Does it make sense?
  2. Finish Worksheet 1.4.
August 22, 2011

H Block (Day 5) Mon., Aug. 22 – Relationships and Intersections

What happens when different things intersect?  What relationships are formed?  We saw many different intersections in class today…  I hope the spaghetti and tissues will help you picture these intersections in the future.

We will work on the in-class model during the next two classes and continue to answer questions about points. lines, and planes.


  1. If there are other materials you want to use to make your creation, bring them for the next class.
  2. Worksheet 1.4.