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August 7, 2011

A new school and a new school year… Well, a new school to me! Sort of…

So good to be home among the Dragons!

I’d like to welcome you to a new school year and the smithsmath blog.  This is where I will be posting assignments, asking you for your thoughts on things, and having you post comments for homework.  Go ahead and subscribe to the blog so that emails will be sent to you every time a change is made.  Don’t forget to have your parents sign up, too.

Links: Check out the links that are added as I discover cool things you might need or in which you might be interested.  Right now there is a  link to the Geogebra I talked about in class.  We will be using it in the next class.

Assignments: Each day, the post will contain some important things said during class.  Someone will be assigned to add more details, and all of you will need to look for what will be due the next day.

Assessments:  The next assessment will be posted.  Hopefully, I will remember how to write that into the sidebar.  Formative assessments will be announced with the assignment.

I’m excited about all that will be going on this year!  Make sure you contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!